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So that was a data freeze. Interesting. It really is like you simply blinked and it's next month.

Hopefully we didn't miss anything exciting. Hey, Watanuki~! Doumeki~! Did we miss anything~?
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So, Watanuki~!

Have you had strawberry time yet~?
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This is quite a bit of fun.

Mokona wants to sing too!

Hmm...then let's sing an old time favorite~!

*And yeah, Mokona is doing the 'come on.'*
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Hm, I think I'm in a bad mood. I'm sounding like an old sea witch or something.
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Shush, Mokona. It's all right.

But...Mokona can't hear the other Mokona now.

You'll meet again. After all, you are both forever tied.

But Yuuko....

Shush, little one. It'll just me a short time in your long lives. You'll meet again and all will be well.

*The sound of a sniffling Mokonna is the only response.*
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This is a bit problematic.

Puu, are we listening to the eviction notice?

Well, if I had wanted to move, there wouldn't be a problem. However, since I hadn't wanted to move, this has become a...request to vacate the area.

....that is a problem, hm.

Pack up things anyway Mokona.

But it's a free request. How can we...?

We'll see how things play out. Still, I'd rather not have anything happen to those items of importance. You know what could happen if they're damaged.
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*The recording starts with the sound of a fist hitting the wall and an angry/pained hiss.*

Y-Yuuko?! What are you doing?!

*Silence for several long moments.*

Did something happen? You look angry.

....I am.

What happened?

....turn off the D-comm, Mokona. It started recording.

Eh? It did!

*Recording shuts off.*

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Oh Kurogane~!
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Ooo, Mokona! You look so cute!

Mokona does! And Mokona has fingers~!

*Laughs.* That Mokona does.

Neh, neh, Yuuko? Does that mean you're human too? You seemed dizzy when Mokona became human!

Hm, yes, it seems to be the case. Senses are definitely blocked, but it is only temporary.

...which means...

ONIZUKA~! Let's go on a date!
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